About us

Passion for Embroidery

We are passionate about clothes that convey a message and show a statement in style.
Therefore, we choose to create designs with processing through embroidery as a decorative method for a unique "Look" in combination with optimal durability. 


Based in sunny Spain Bordados Trading Post S.L. was founded in 2007 and started with creation of logo design embroideries for companies, teams and associations.
Back in 2017 we began creating unik designs and our own collection of caps named JoRevel. 

The Brand

JoRevel is still young but has been well received by many who enjoy a unique style of high quality clothing combined with our embroidered designs and good customer service.
We hope you find something you like among our collections and join us along the way.
Follow us in social media or feel free to contact us at shop@jorevel.com. 


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